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Sample preparation for mass spectrometry

Posted by Jean-François Noël, Ph.D. on July 20, 2016

Learn how to optimize your sample preparation technique for mass spectrometry

What do you mean "I cannot just put the sample in the machine.."? 

Mass spectrometry is a tricky science. It is incredibly powerful and can bring a lot of added value to most research projects. However, in order to benefit from the full potential of the analysis, one has to be very careful during the sample preparation stage of the experiment. Because no, you cannot just put the sample in the machine in any way! Such a sophisticated machine needs that your sample is prepared the right way, with the right tools and the right techniques. Only then will you get meaningful results. And because we are all about helping people, we will share our secrets to you. So, here are some tips for sample preparation for mass spectrometry!

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