General terms of services

1. General terms

  • PhenoSwitch Bioscience Inc. (PhenoSwitch) provides services for research only;
  • Data and methods produced by during the project belong to client;
  • PhenoSwitch cannot be held responsible for events during shipping of the samples;
  • PhenoSwitch cannot be held responsible for negative results, provided the experiments were conducted as agreed with the client;
  • Manual data curation and integration can result in human error. Should any errors be made, PhenoSwitch will gladly and swiftly make any needed corrections;

2. Timeline and Turnaround

Unless otherwise indicated, we make our best efforts to provide a 3-4 weeks turnaround for our services. To achieve the fastest service possible, coordination between the client and PhenoSwitch is required. Client must be aware that part of the delays between project approval and data generation are not entirely controlled by PhenoSwitch. The specific timeline for your project is described in the quote you received.

2.1 Timeline guarantees

PhenoSwitch will do everything it can to perform the project in the shortest delay possible and respect the provided timeline. We, however, ask comprehension should the following occur:

a. Extraordinary delays, from PhenoSwitch. In the event of extraordinary events, such as equipment failures, natural catastrophe, prolonged power outage or anything of such nature, the timeline of the project may not be honored. Should such thing occur, the clients will be immediately informed and new timeline will be fixed, according to the severity of the events.

b. Extraordinary delays, from the client: If extraordinary delay occurs; e.g. bad shipping conditions, compound does not behave as presented by the client (e.g. aspect, solubility), client will be immediately informed and the project timeline may not be honored. 

3. Payment terms

  • Unless otherwise stated, the payment terms will be Net30.
  • An upfront payment may be required for any project. Should this be the case, the amount of the upfront payment will be clearly indicated on the quote. The upfront payment is due immediately upon acceptance of the quote.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all pricing is in US dollars (USD).
  • Orders can be made via the generation of a valid Purchase Order (PO) or via credit card.
  • Payment method can be wire transfers, checks or Credit Card (in CAD$ only for the later).

4. Deliverable and data handling

  • A data report will be generated and given to the client at the end of each project, or at the end of every milestone. The content of the data report will be predetermined during the quoting process.
  • Raw data will be stored up to 5 years. PhenoSwitch cannot be held responsible for the lost of raw data during the storage period. If needed raw data can be transferred to the client for long-term storage. 
  • Analyzed data will be stored for 1 year, after which it may be deleted.
  • If needed, any file that does not strictly belong to PhenoSwitch can be handed to the client or destroyed.
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