The 3 top marketplaces for research scientists

Posted by Jean-Philippe Couture, Ph.D. on April 19, 2017

Lab outsourcing : a new reality for science

How the marketplace is changing research for people in lab coats

Scientists are often thought of as edgy people. They are always trying to invent things that will simplify our lives, cure our illnesses or radically change life as we know it. Thus, thinking that scientists shop online for their high-tech, out-of-this-world research needs, like normal people do, can be a little weird! After all, how could they find what they are looking for on eBay or Amazon? As a follow-up to our blog post on the benefits of outsourcing, this post will focus on how online marketplaces for science work as well as their advantages and disadvantages. And as a bonus, we will tell you what are our top 3 online resources for research scientists!

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7 reasons to consider outsourcing some parts of your research

Posted by Jean-Philippe Couture, Ph.D. on April 6, 2017

Faster, bigger, better: Scientific discovery is following that trend too!

Whether we like it or not, our beloved scientific community is getting pushed by the same productivity rules as the other disciplines. In order to be successful, researchers and pharma are expected to deliver solid, innovative and impactful research, faster than ever. Moreover, the trend of multidisciplinary research and the fast growth of the new technologies in these fields make it more and more difficult for a lab to keep up with the pace. In order to stay relevant, smaller labs often have to collaborate with other research teams to build bigger projects that are viable. But as we all know it, even with the best of intentions, bad communication between different research groups can hold back the propagation of useful results. Also, not everyone in a research collaboration has the same priority for the project. Therefore, as powerful as it is, collaboration can be hard to achieve without any drawbacks.

Escaping from bad communication that slows your progress is one of the many reasons why outsourcing could help your research project. But what are the cost-to-benefits ratio of outsourcing some or all parts of your research? What does it cost, will it be done the way you want it to be and what about the privacy/secrecy of your data? At first look, there seems to be more reasons to not outsource your work, but consider this--in September of 2016, Science, one of the industry’s most influential scientific journal, published a paper on outsourcing as being one of the next major trends in scientific research. As a service provider ourselves, we also feel that you should have a more in-depth look at the matter.

So here it is: 7 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your lab work!

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