COVID-19 : PhenoSwitch wants to contribute to the scientific effort

Posted by Hugo Gagnon Ph.D. on April 7, 2020

Scientists had been warning us

As predicted by the scientific community, the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the world with full force. The speed at which the infection spreads is absolutely terrifying. However, learning from past pandemics, the authorities have taken measures to slow the progression of the disease in an attempt to prevent a shortage of medical resources. While some countries reacted fast, others waited a tad too long before taking the appropriate measures and are now facing an unprecedented health crisis. In any cases, the result of this pandemic is a massive disruption in the personal and professional activities of a majority of the world's population. 

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Why you should control the digestion step in your proteomics experiments

Posted by Jean-Philippe Couture, Ph.D. on February 14, 2020

Controls, controls, controls!

Over the last two decades, extensive technological and methodological advances have led to the widespread use of mass spectrometry (MS)-based bottom-up proteomics, which involves the digestion of proteins into peptides followed by identification and quantification of the resulting peptides by LC-MS.  MS based analysis is the method of choice for large-scale exploration of proteomes in biological systems and has significantly contributed to the comprehension of a variety of biological processes. In the field of clinical research, quantitative MS has been an integral part of numerous biomarker discovery and evaluation studies1.

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How to ship your samples to PhenoSwitch

Posted by Jean-Philippe Couture, Ph.D. on October 18, 2017

Simple rules to ensure successful delivery of your samples

Here we are! The quote has been approved and signed. You are excited to finally get MS results for your project and start thinking about shipping your precious biological samples to PhenoSwitch. Since we're all about getting your samples in the best possible condition, we decided to write some of the rules that should be followed to ensure proper shipment of your package to Canada (if you are outside Canada)! Customers shipping from the US from whom international shipping can be an issue, please refer to this alternative shipping route.

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10 reasons why you should choose mass spectrometry to study your molecule of interest

Posted by Jean-Philippe Couture, Ph.D. on September 7, 2016

Why should I use mass spectrometry in my research project?

It is no secret that mass spectrometry can be very intimidating for new users. For a lot of biologists and physicians, MS represents a shadow of a memory, in a distant undergraduate class. We all heard the terms TOF or MALDI-TOF, and remember that it means Time-of-flight and something-something-laser(!)-Time-of-flight, but for the majority of us, that's about it. We think that the mass spectrometer spits out thousands of numbers in a spreadsheet, and that if you are not sitting with the scientists who performed the analysis, you won't be able to get anything meaningful out of this mess. Also, it costs money. A lot of money.

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Sample preparation for mass spectrometry

Posted by Jean-François Noël, Ph.D. on July 20, 2016

Learn how to optimize your sample preparation technique for mass spectrometry

What do you mean "I cannot just put the sample in the machine.."? 

Mass spectrometry is a tricky science. It is incredibly powerful and can bring a lot of added value to most research projects. However, in order to benefit from the full potential of the analysis, one has to be very careful during the sample preparation stage of the experiment. Because no, you cannot just put the sample in the machine in any way! Such a sophisticated machine needs that your sample is prepared the right way, with the right tools and the right techniques. Only then will you get meaningful results. And because we are all about helping people, we will share our secrets to you. So, here are some tips for sample preparation for mass spectrometry!

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